Incompatibility between PG5 2.0 and "AVG Antivirus" on Windows 7

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Due to the fact that the software "AVG Antivirus" is considering PG5 2.0 as virus, PG5 2.0 will not work properly on a PC with Windows 7 installed which is also running AVG anti virus software.


After copy/pasting or importing a page in e.g. Fupla from PG5 2.0, this page will be corrupted (if the AVG Antivirus is running on this machine). This will lead to a failed build later on.

The sofware AVG Antivirus apparently is considering PG5 2.0 as a virus.

Currently the only solution for this problem is stopping the AVG Antivirus (or uninstalling it). This FAQ will be updated once another solution is available.

This behaviour could only be observed on Windows 7 together with AVG Antivirus.



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