Why is the modem not working anymore on the PGU port (PG5 2.0)?

FAQ #101313

If the modem is connected to the PGU port the handshake needs to be "FULL" in PG5 2.0. In PG5 1.4 it worked fine if the handshake was "Default".


When importing a Modem project from PG5 1.4 to PG5 2.0 it can happen that the modem on the PGU port does not work anymore. Or if you are creating a new project with default settings it won't work as before.

In PG5 2.0 it is necessary to set the handshake in the Modem Driver FBox to "Full". In PG5 1.4 it worked with the "Default" settings.

If the modem is connected on the PGU port, set the handshake to "Full" in PG5 2.0.



PG5 2.0 / Modem library

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