Why can't I add an extension module to my PCD3 compact?

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In case a PG5 project has been created in PG 5 1.4.300 without patch 7 or later installed (or in a beta version of PG5 2.0, a $ version) the PCD3 compact was in pilot phase. At this time it wasn't possible adding an extension module (PCD3.Cxxx). In case this project is imported into PG5 2.0.110 the device configurator doesn't show the possibility to add an extension.


In order to have the possibility for adding an extension to a PCD3 compact please use PG5 2.0.110 or PG5 1.4.301.4 (patch 7 or later).
In the device configurator change of PCD type and then change it back to the original version (e.g. from PCD3.M2030V6 to PCD3.M2130V6 and then back). By doing so, the "+" appears for adding an extension module (e.g. a PCD3.C110Z09 or a PCD3.C200Z09):


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