Why does the analogue modem not always answer to incomming calls?

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Under some special circumstances it happend on very few installations that the analogue modem did not answer anymore to incoming calls.


An analogue modem PCD2.T814, PCS1.T814 or Q.M716-KS1 does not always answer to incoming calls.

Under special circumstances and in relation to a bad telephone line this could happen due to a problem in the firmware of the modem. Only very few applications where concerned by this problem.

A new firmware was introduced into production. There is no need for replacing successfully working modems. Modems equipped with the new firmware do have the following firmware and hardware version (available from stock since October 2008):

 Modem type Firmware version Hardware version
 PCD2.T814 V 2.05 C0
 PCS1.T814 V 2.05 B1
 Q.M716-KS1 V 2.08 A1


PCD2 / Txxx

PG5 2.0 / Modem

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