What's the best way to manage with HDLog file creation, saving and deleting?

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You know how to create log-files on the PCDs flash file system with the HDLog FBoxes. But how can you handle the saving and deleting of the historic files in most efficient way without generating undeleted and unused files?


To work most efficient with the HDLog feature in combination with flash file system it's good to know some background ideas from the developpers side. The best would be to describe this idea directly in an example:

  • you define to save daily your logs in a file on the flash file system
  • take care of the size of this daily generated file. You're able to send via e-mail attachments of 1 MB size
  • you have to define the size of the historic buffer of daily files. You define this size with the parameter 'delete file older than ...' of the HDLog FBox
    if you put for example '30' into this parameter you'll have a total history buffer of 30 files representing the last 30 days on your flash file system
  • in this case you have to trigger on your own and manually the 'DelFile' entry of the FBox every day. The file older than 30 days will then be deleted from the file system. Otherwise you risk to have undeleted and unused files on your flash card in the future so you'll always have a historic buffer of 30 days. When you log the 31st day, then the 1st day will be erased
  • The "DelFile" commands are to be triggered in a sequential way (the output "DelRdy" of the first FBox shall trigger the "DelFile" input of the next and so on:


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