Why does only one PCD2.R6000 work on my PCD2.M5xxx?

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In case more than one PCD2.R6000 produced before August 2009 are installed on a PCD2.M5xxx, the PCD does not properly initialize the file systems during start up. As result the file systems can not be used (and are not visible on the FTP server of the PCD).


The file systems of the PCD2.R6000 on slot #0 to slot #3 (SLxFLASH:/) on a PCD2.M5xxx are not be visible on a PCD2.M5xx0 with several PCD2.R6000 equipped. This phenomenon can be observed on systems equipped with SD flash cards PCD7.R-SD512 and PCD7.R-SD1024 which have a production date in the year 2009 (09xx) if the hardware version of the PCD2.R6000 is older than "B".
If only one PCD2.R6000 is equipped, no problem is to be expected. A single PCD2.R6000 can be inserted in any slot from slot #0 to slot #3.

In dependance of the hardware modification of the R6000 the PCD can not correctly initialize the file systems of the above mentioned cards at start-up if more than one R6000 is plugged. As result the file systems can not be used (and are not visible on the FTP server of the PCD).
There is no data loss in this situation.

With hardware version "B" of the PCD2.R6000 it is possible to mount several PCD2.R6000 modules on the PCD (without any restriction of the production date of the SC card).
Modules with this modification are available from stock since beginning of August 2009 (calendar week 32 of 2009).



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