How to copy the content of one SD flash memory card to another?

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There are several possibilities to access the content of an SD card (used with a PCD3.R600 or a PCD2.R6000).


How can I access the content of a SD card?

  • Over the Automation server of the PCD3 it is possible 
    - Web Server of the PCD(--> read only, and the file must be placed in the folder "WEBPAGES")
    - FTP Server of the PCD (read/write)
    - by sending the file by EMail (SMTP)
  • With a card reader on a PC. For doing so the "SBC SD File System Explorer" is to be used.

The content of a SD card is stored in the file SAIANTFS.FFS (which occupies 90% of the available disk space of the SD card). Please note that it is not allowed to "drag and drop" the file SAIANTFS.FFS on another SD card without using the "SBC SD File System Explorer"; if this is done there is no guarantee that the PCD is able to find the (copied) content of this SD card. 

The "SBC SD File System Explorer" is for free and can be donwloaded from the PCD3.R600 product section on the support site (

Procedure to copy the content of an SD card to another SD card

  • use the SBC SD File System Explorer
  • extract the files from the first SD card
  • add these files on the second SD card


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