Is it possible to use an encoder on PCD3.M2x30V6?

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Yes, it is possible to connect one or two encoders with A, B and index signal directly to the onboard inputs of a PCD3.M2x30V6.


How to configure an encoder for a PCD3 Compact?
The configuration is done with the device configurator of PG5 2.0.

The first encoder has to be connected to the inputs 0,1,2 of the PCD.
The second encoder has to be connected to the inputs 3,4,5 of the PCD

More informations can be found on the manual of the PCD3.M2x30V6

Attached you find a PG5 2.0 backup with this configuration!

PCD3.M2x30V6 needs at least FW version 1.10.16.



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PG5 2.0 / Device Configurator

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