Why is it not possible to configure the memory allocation of the PCD manually in PG5 2.0?

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In PG5 1.x it was possible or even necessary that the user modifies the memory allocation manually (for the distribution of the available memory for user program, Text/DB memory and extension memory).

In PG5 2.0 (or with PG5 1.4.300 when using the Device Configurator instead of the Hardware Settings window) this functionality isn't available because it isn't necessary anymore!



Why can't I allocate the memory?
PG5 2.0 calculates the required memory and generates a fitting allocation in the background. Before the program is downloaded, the available memory is verified and in case of a required change of the memory allocation this modification is done automatically.

Why hasn't this been done in PG5 1.x?
This automatic allocation could not be done for multi-CPU systems (like e.g. the PCD6). In this case the same memory has been used for several CPUs within the same system. Because PG5 didn't know about the memory requirement of the other CPUs it was not possible to calculate the allocation automatically. PG5 2.0 does no longer support multi-CPU systems (and as result, it can calculate the memory allocation automatically).



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