How to install the "Patch 11" for PG5 1.4.300?

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While older patches for PG5 1.4 required post-installation steps (lauching an executable after the installer for the patch has finished) this is no longer necessary for patch 10 and later. In order to install patch 11 for PG5 1.4.300, just launch it.


FAQ Update
For installing patch 10 it is sufficient to launch the patch 10; no additional steps are required!


  • This FAQ previously has been called "How to install the "Patch 9" for PG5 1.4.300?" and has been updated September 21 2009 due to the availability of patch 10 which does no longer require to execute post-instllation steps.
  • This FAQ previously has been called "How to install the "Patch 8" for PG5 1.4.300?" and has been updated August 11 2009 due to the availability of the patch 9. For installing patch 8, a *.bat file had to be called instead of launching *.exe files.


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