How to use the Belimo fan optimizer COU24-A-MP in Fupla?

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The fan optimizer COU24-A-MP from Belimo is used together with VAV controllers. However, this device is optimizing the fan based on a signal given from the VAV and can not be addressed and controlled by a PCD (or another DDC master) over the MP Bus.


Since the fan optimizer does optimize the fan speed based on the signal given from the VAV controller (e.g. from the VRP-M) there is no need (and no possibility) to send any information to this device over the MP Bus. Therefore there is no FBox for the fan optimizer (seen from the PCD, the fan optimizer is "invisible"). The fan optimizer does not have/use an address on the MP bus.

The task for optimizing the fan can also be done by the user program on the PCD.



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