Why does the communication between a PCD and an Omnio "RS232/485 to EnOcean" converter not work?

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Due to incompatible communication parameters used by the Omnio "RS232/485 to EnOcean" converters the FBox library version 1.0.0 is not working in every situation with the converter from Omnio.


The communication between a PCD and an Omnio “RS232/485 to EnOcean” converter does not work with the EnOcean FBox library version 1.0.0.

The communication protocol/parameters which is used by the Omnio "RS232/485 to EnOcean" converter is not the same as for other "RS232/485 to EnOcean" converters (e.g. the one from Thermokon).

Since the EnOcean F-Box Library 1.0.20 the FBox "EnOcean Init" does feature an adjust parameter called "manufacturer". This selection will then adapt the communication protocol of the PCD.



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