Is it possible to know the level of the GSM signal quality of a GSM modem?

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Yes, the FBox Family "Modem" features an FBox "Read GSM Level".


This FBox allows reading the signal quality of the GSM signal.

The Output of the F-Box is a signal quality value (possible values are 0 to 31 and 99)

  • Value 0 is the worst
  • Value 31 is the best
  • Value 99 indicates that the signal level is not known or not detectable

Information about the signal quality

Marginal - Values of 9 or lower.
At these sort of levels, it is very likely that you may suffer low throughput and disconnects due to cell loading/breathing.

Workable under most conditions - Values of 9 to to 14.
Could suffer poor throughput and disconnects due to cell loading/breathing.
Probably worth considering an outdoor gain type antenna.

Good - Values between 14 and 19.
Normally no problem holding a connection with this sort of level (even with cell breathing).

Excellent - Values above 19.
Should not be affected by cell breathing/loading.



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