The correct syntax for files and directories is necessary on the filesystem

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If the file- or directory- names are not correct, this will lead to errors.


A directorie name needs always a slash in front of the name in the text definition:

For file names the slash is not allowed:

Note that the maximal length of filenames (including the extension etc.) is 23 characters.

The maximal filename length on the filesystem is 64 characters.

Be careful when implementing time and date to the filename with the syntax $D and $H. $D per example will use 9 characters. If the file has an extension as well, per example .csv, already 13 characters are used, means the filename itself cannot be longer than 10 characters.

Special characters like ä, ö, ü are not allowed on the filesystem.

Please note that "special characters" such as "ü", "¢", "ç" are not supported on the PCD file system. Additionally, the maximal file name lenght is 23 characters.



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