Why is the SD card in the PCD3.R600 not detected when inserted while the PCD is running?

FAQ #101129

On some older hardware versions the SD card is only recognized at power on of the PCD but not in run time of the PCD.


The SD card inserted in a PCD3.R600 is not recognized if inserted while the PCD is running. A power off / power on of the PCD is necessary for that the file system in e.g. SL0SLOT is visible on FTP.

The memory module PCD3.R600 only detects the SC cards inserted properly with a recent CPLD installed on the CPU.
The according CPLD is implemented on hardware versions D modification 8 and later (on the PCD3.M55xx and PCD3.M33xx hardware version D).
PCD3 CPUs with an older hardware version/modification can be updated (to hardware modification 8, see FAQ 100549).

If the CPU has an old CPLD it can be updated. Please refer to the FAQ #100549 for the update procedure. 



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