Why isn't it possible to write to a PCD resource from a MB VGA panel (with S-Bus)?

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If a S-Bus communication is used between the PCD3 or PCD2.M5xx0 and the MB VGA panel (PCD7.D457Vxxx and PCD7.D410Vxxx) then it may not be possible to write to the PCD variables (depending of the firmware installed on the MB VGA panel).


If the connection between the PCD3 or a PCD2.M5xx0 (with firmware 1.09.38 or newer) and the MB VGA panel is realized with S-Bus (Serial S-Bus over RS232/RS485 or Ether S-Bus) and if the MB VGA panel (PCD7.D457Vxxx and PCD7.D410Vxxx) has installed the firmware (FW) 1.01.00 (or older) then it isn't possible writing a PCD variable from the MB VGA panel (edit box or button).

With this firmware combination writing is not possible with the edit box or with the button of the S-Web-Editor.

To solve the problem it's necessary to use a FW later than 1.01.00 for the MB VGA panel or a firmware older than 1.09.38 for the PCD3 or PCD2.M5xx0.
This FAQ will be updated as soon as a new firmware for the VGA panels is available.

If the connection is realized with "http direct" or if the PCD3 or PCD2.M5xx0 firmware is older than version 1.09.38 there is no problem to write to the PCD variables. Systems other than the PCD3 or PCD2.M5xx0 are not concerned.



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