Why are the web-pages not loaded on the VGA MB panel (with Serial-S-Bus and less than 19200 kBit/s)? Which baudrate should be used for serial connections?

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If the MB VGA panel is connected over serial line (RS232 or RS485) to a PCD and the baud rate is set to 9'600 Bit/s (or even less), the timeout on the MB VGA panel is to be adjusted to 500 ms.


It is not possible loading Web pages from a PCD which is connected to a VGA MB panel (PCD7.D457Vxxx) over a Serial-S-Bus connection with a baud rate of 9.6 kBit/s or less. Instead of the web page, an error message like:
File not found,
Is shown

The reason of the error message is the fact that the timeout of 250 ms is too short for Serial-S-Bus Web telegrams which are transferred at a baud rate of 9'600 kBit/s or less.

Baudrates below 19200 are not recommended for a serial connection with the MB panel. For PCS1 and PCD2.M1xx systems we recommend a baudrate of 19200 kBit/s. On the PCD3 or PCD2.M5xxx a baudrate of 56k Bit/s is recommended.



PCD7 / D4xx (MB Panel)

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