Why does the communication on the PCD3.F281 not work?

FAQ #101090

If the communication on both ports of a PCD3.F281 does not work then it's possible that the PCD3 does contain a FW which not does recognise the PCD3.F281 module.


The communication on both ports of the PCD3.F281 does not work at all. The firmware installed is 1.08.23.

The firmware does not recognize the Belimo MP Bus module.

To solve the problem please install PCD3 firmware version 1.10.16 (the first firmware solving the problem was  version 1.08.51).



PCD3 / _Firmware Classic

PG5 2.0 / Serial-S-Bus

PG5 2.0 / Modem

PG5 2.0 / Mode-C

PCD3 / Fxxx

PG5 2.0 / MP-Bus

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