What Ethernet Ports are used by PCDs?

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Depending of the applications different ports are used on the PCDs:


Application   Port  Direction   Protocol 
Ether-S-Bus  5050  incoming /outgoing  UDP
Webserver  80 by default   incoming  TCP
FTP-Server  21  incoming  TCP
SNTP  123  incoming /outgoing  UDP
SMTP (Emailclient)  25  outgoing  TCP
SNMP  161 / 162   incoming /outgoing  UDP
Modbus Server / Client   502 by default  incoming /outgoing  UDP or TCP
BACnet  47808 by default   incoming /outgoing  UDP



Communication / Ether-S-Bus

PG5 2.0 / FTP-Server

PG5 2.0 / E-Mail

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