Each time when opening PG5 1.4 in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, a popup message about all Add on tools (e.g. Add-on Tool 'Web Builder-C' installed. ) installed appears!

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This behaviour is present when PG5 is installed with add on tools. Windows 7 and Windows have a different way to use the registry than in the previous windows versions.


The files .5at needed to register the add on tools at PG5 startup are located in a write protected directory for all users expected for the administator!
When staring PG5, the registration of the add on tool works but the .5at files can't be deleted. As a consequence the addd on tools are registered each time PG5 is open! However the add on tools should work properly! Only in one case it was not possible to open HMI Editor: when opening HMI editor a message appears that the actual HMI version is not compatible...

Example of an message: Add-on Tool Web Builder-C installed.

Correctiv action:
PG5 has to be open ONCE as administator:

With windows explorer opens the file spm.exe in the diretcory where PG5 1.4 is installed (C:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5 1_4\)

Select the icon spm.exe, click right and open as administator (see touch screen in attachment)!

PG5 2.0 has taking in account this different way to managed the registry so that this problem can't occur!



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