What are the difference between the PCD2.K106 versions?

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For connecting a PCD2.C2000 to a PCD2.M5xxx a PCD2.K106 version B or later is required. During the past year, the following modifications of the PCD2.K106 have been realized.


The following hardware versions of the cable PCD2.K106 do (will) exist: 

  • Version C (will be delivered as soon as the stock of Version B is sold out)
    For compatibility with the PCD2.C2000 the length has been increased to 900 mm. Features a connector with a 90 degree angle.
  • Version B
    Features a 90 degree angle and has a lenght of 700 mm.
  • Version A (obsolete)
    Does not feature a 90 degree angle.

This FAQ will be updated as soon as the version B is no longer delivered.



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