It’s possible to use the interrupt Inputs on xx7 CPU’s as normal inputs?

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Yes, it’s possible to use the interrupt inputs of the xx7 CPU’s as normal inputs.


The address of the interrupt inputs is PEB 65534 or 65535 depending of the used xx7 CPU.

The interrupt 0 is mapped to the bit 0, the interrupt 1 to the bit 1 of the PEB 65534 or PEB 65635 and so on.

There is no need to define any special behaviour to be able to read the interrupt inputs as normal inputs.

Overview PCD system / number of interrupts / base input address for interrupt

 PCD system  number of interrupts   base input address  
 PCD1.xx7 1  PEB 65535
 PCD2.1x7 2    PEB 65535
 PCD2.487 4 PEB 65535
 PCD2.M5xx7  6 PEB 65534
 PCD3.Mxxx7  2 PEB 65535

Program example to read the interrupt inputs:
L PEB65535
T MB 10

// M 10.0 is interrupt 0
// M 10.1 is interrupt 1



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