How to change the configuration of the FTP server?

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It is possible to change the configuration of the FTP server by placing a file FTPConfig.txt on the CPU.


With such a configuration file it is possible to modify the following parameter:

 Parameter nameArguments Description 
 FTP Start  FTP Start Status
Defines wether the FTP server shall be started or not
Default: on
 FTP Port  FTP default port
Defines the FTP default port where an FTP client can issue connection requests
Default is 21
 FTPmaxInstNbr  Defines how many server instances can run in parallel.
Default is 3
 FTP connection timeout  Defines if a connection should be closed after a certain seconds of inactivity
Default the connection stays open until the client closes the connection
 FTPRemoveDefaultUser  FTP Default User
Defines if the default user root should be removed. 1 means that it will be removed
Default is 0
 UserName See manual A number of new users with different access rights can be defined

Attached to this FAQ an example of a configuration file with two new users is available.

This configuration file has to be placed in one of the following locations:

■ INTFLASH:/Config (integral on-board Flash)

■ WEB:/WEBPAGES (User program)

■ M1_FLASH:/Config (Flash device in M1 slot)

■ M2_FLASH:/Config (Flash device in M2 slot)

■ SL0FLASH:/Config (Flash device in I/O slot #0)

■ SL1FLASH:/Config (Flash device in I/O slot #1)

■ SL2FLASH:/Config (Flash device in I/O slot #2)

■ SL3FLASH:/Config (Flash device in I/O slot #3)

If such a file exists in more then one location the first file found has priority. The searchorder is as shown above (FW 1.08.23 or higher).

The configuration file is only read on startup. Means the CPU has to be powerd off and on to activate the configuration file.


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