How can I obtain an officially registered macro prefix for my self-written FBoxes?

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When writing own FBoxes it is strongly recommended registering an FBox macro prefix in order to avoid potential macro name conflicts in future.


Why should I register a macro prefix for my FBoxes?
The FBox macro prefixes must be PG5-wide unique. In order to make sure that the used macro prefix of a FBox library will also be unique in future, Saia-Burgess Controls AG strongly recommends registering an own prefix. This registration is quickly done and is for free.
For more information regarding the macro prefix and symbol naming conventions, please refer to FAQ 100375 (link below).

How to register a macro prefix?
In order to register your prefix, just send an EMail to, containing the following information:

  • Desired Macro prefix in the form:
    XXXX__ where XXXX usually is derived from your company name
  • Your company name, together with a contact person
  • The targed application the FBoxes will be written for
  • A short descrition of the FBox family to be written

In case your desired prefix is still available, we'll confirm it to you within two working days. Otherwise, we will contact you by EMail and suggest possible alternatives for your macro prefix.



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