Why are the "A" and "E" smaller with firmware version 040 and higher?

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PCD7.D23x with hardware version "F" with firmware version V040 has some "smaller" characters. The characters "A" and "E" are smaller, and the spacing between the characters is different.


The characters "A" and "E" are smaller on PCD7.D23x with firmware version 040, leading to the fact that the spacing between the characters is different.

PCD7.D23x terminals FW V040 with hardware version "F" are supporting extended characters such as cyrillic, greek etc. as well as extended west european characters. Some minor changes (difference in the size) had to be done in order to allow the usage of Central European fonts and to get an uniform representation.

PCD7.D23x with HW version "F" and firmware version 040 and higher support Cyrillic, Polish and other font maps. In the default map the following characters have been changed:

  • A
    The A has mainly been changed to allow an uniform view in Polish with the A Ogonek*); with 5 Pixel wide the A Ogonek was not possible.
  • Ä
    A ring above: code 0x8e, 0x8f
    In accordance with the plain A. The modification has mainly been applied in order to allow an uniform view in Polish with the A Ogonek; with 5 Pixel width the A Ogonek was not possible.
  • E
    Also the shape of the "E" has mainly been changed for having a uniformed view in Polish with the E Ogonek which was not possible before.
  • É
    code 0x90: Not changed, was already 4 pixel wide

*) The ogonek (Polish) is a "little tail", a diacritic hook placed under the lower right corner of a vowel in the Latin alphabet used in several European and Native American languages.



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