How to modify the start page of the MicroBrowser on a CE Panel?

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The first time the MicroBrowser on a CE Panel (PCD7.D5xxx) is launched, it prompts for the start page to be opened. But if the checkbox "ask me again" once has been unchecked, there is no more prompt when the uBrowser software is lauched. This FAQ explains how to modify the start page in this case.


The start page to be loaded by the uBrowser together with the configuration wheter the prompt on start-up of the uBrowser shall be shown is written in the file "uBrowser.XML" which is stored in the folder "Storage Card\Micro-Browser".

Procedure for modifying the start page of the uBrowser

  • Open a text editor e.g. Wordpad which is pre-installed on every PCD7.D5xxx panel (from the Windows Start button select "Programs" --> "Word Pad")
  • From Menu "File" select "Open"
  • Select "All Documents *.*" in the file type selector
  • Browse to "storage card\Micro-Browser" and select the file "uBrowser(.xml)"
  • Confirm the message from Wordpad shown when opening the file with Yes.
  • In this file, locate the line "startpage" and modify the URL in on this line to the correct IP address and start page, e.g.
  • Store the file and execute a reboot button from the Saia PCD® WebPanel Manager (don't just switch the panel off!)

In the same file, you can also configure wheter the prompt on start-up shall be shown or not. All other options from this file are explained in the *.pdf file which is also stored in the same directory.



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