Why does PG5 1.4 require more registers than PG5 1.3?

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When updating a PG5 project to PG5 1.4, around 50 more registers and flags are used. In very rare cases, this can lead to a "Dynamic space overflow" (if less than 50 flags or registers have been available in the project from PG5 1.3).


After updating a PG5 project containing Fupla from e.g. PG5 1.3 to PG5 1.4, about 50 registers and flags are used in addition. This can lead to a "Dynamic space overflow" error as shown below:

Linking: _CPU1.obj + cob0.obj + _Global.obj + _TCPIPDBX.obj
To: CPU1.pcd CPU1.map
Fatal Error 368: Dynamic space overflow for type: R

In PG5 1.4, the "Synchronous Data View" has been implemented first time. This online mode avoids the situation that wrong values of the connector lines between FBoxes are temporarily shown when probes are set. Due to the implementation of the "Synchronous Data View", around 50 more registers and flags are used for organizing the correct visualisation of Fupla pages in the online mode.

As the "Synchronous Data View" can not be disabled (because at build time it is not defined whether the user will use the Synchronous Data View), the additional registers are to be freed or made available in the PG5 project. The easyest ways to do so is:

  • Executing a "Clean files" which will release addresses that have been used once but are no longer needed (e.g. because symbols have been deleted). The "Clean files..." can be found in the PG5 Project Manager menu "CPU":
  • Increasing the "Dynamic Space" for the relevant medias in the Software Settings of the CPU.
  • Using statically addressed registers in the range from 4095 to 16838 if a Saia PCD® COSinus system such as the PCD3, PCD2.M5xx0 or a PCD2.M480).
  • If several Fupla files with a "Heavac Init" FBox are used, some of its common medias can be shared. Therefore, select in the section "Valitity scope" the option "Global" (for all, "Sampling", "Reset" and "General alarm") in the first of your Fupla files, and in all other Fupla files select "External" in the parameters mentioned above.
  • Reducing the used register by optimizing the program if the above possibilities do not help or can not be applied.

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