Why do I get an EDE Import Error: Cannot read EDE file! Unknown Format ?

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There are some problems with EDE files of a few manufacturers, because they are not in the right format.


You can check the right format you have a look at the EDE export of a Saia Burgess BACnet Project.

If you save a project in the BACnet configurator the EDE files are automatically generated in the PG5 Documentation Files folder.

We support the Version of Layout 1 or 2.

The import file has to be a .csv file of the Version 1 or 2.

If you have an Excel file with 4 tables (Siemens uses this format) you have to extract the 4 .csv files and import the _EDE.csv file.

Take care that the Version of Layout is containing a valid number.  If this line is empty try to put in a 2 with a Text Editor  and import again.

If the .csv file does not contain _EDE at the end of the filename you have to select *.csv while importing.



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