Why does my S-Bus communication with an PCD3.F2xx module show a diagnostic error?

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The Sasi S-Bus Master F-Box indicates a diagnostic error and is red. The data is transmitted but obviously not properly.


The S-Bus communication is not working properly if the baudrate is 9600 baud or higher and a PCD3.F2xx module is involved in this communication. With a baudrate 4800 it works well.

The PCD3.F2xx module is not as fast as a "normal" S-Bus port like per example Port 2 on the PCD3. If there is an S-Bus communication running with e.g an PCD3.F2xx as master and a PCD3.Mxxx port 2 as slave, the communication will probably report diagnostic errors with baudrates higher than 4800.
If the PCD3.F2xx module is the slave, it is less critical but can lead to problems as well.

To avoid this problem the turnaround delay TN of the other station (not the one where the PCD3.F2xx is plugged) has to be set to 3ms.



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