How can I create a button for launching applications on Saia PCD® Web Panels?

FAQ #101003

It's possible to create an always-on-top button for launching Windows applications.

This 'ExeButton' allows launching an application on the web panel by means of a button. This way it's for instance possible to access programs or run batchfiles beside the visualisation. The button stays always on top (even if running the browser in kiosk mode 4) of all other forms/windows and can be configured in positon, size and text.


Operating system

  • Windows CE, Windows XP, / .net

Target Saia PCD® Web Panels

  • PCD7.D5064TXxxx
  • PCD7.D5100TXxxx
  • PCD7.D5100TMxxx
  • PCD7.D6100TMxxx
  • PCD7.D6120TMxxx
  • PCD7.D6150TMxxx

Type of the application
Console application

Download from here
Size: 8.7 kByte

Unpack the zip file to a folder of your choice. No further installation / registration procedure is necessary.
Launch "ExeButton.exe ?" for a complete list of options

How to use
1. Copy the tool 'ExeButton.exe' via a FTP-Connection in the directory '/StorageCard/Tools'
2. For automatic start of the action of the button, add following line in the 'StartUp.bat'-file on the Storage Card
    (i.e. to start the program 'Word' from inside the Browser)
    START "\StorageCard\Tools\ExeButton.exe" \Windows\pword.exe 400 200 70 25 WordPad
    - \StorageCard\Tools\ExeButton.exe is the path of the button
    - \Windows\pword.exe is the path of the application to launch
    - 400 200 is position in pixels on the screen (starting from the left upper edge of the screen)
    - 70 25 is the size of the button in pixels
    - WordPad is the label written on the button



PCD7 / D5xxx (Windows CE)

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