How to send HTML-formated E-Mails

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The E-Mail FBoxes and System Functions allow both the sending of plain text e-mail messages, as well as HTML-formated E-Mail messages. However, a special syntax is required for inserted HTML tags.


To send E-Mails with HTML-formated text it is necessary to use the FBox "Adv. Text Mail Send". Within the FBox adjust dialog the parameter "Mail format" must be set to "HTML".

HTML tags have to be inserted with a special syntax. E.g. to format some words bold or red the following syntax has to be used:

"Some words are <<>b<>>bold<<>/b<>> or <<>span style='color: red;'<>>red<<>/span<>>, others are just black!<<>br /<>>This is a new line."

Any HTML-capable E-Mail client will show the above example code as follows:

Some words are bold or red, others are just black!
This is a new line.

Common HTML editors (like Dreamweaver, NVU, KompoZer etc.) can be used to build the HTML-formated text. However, in this case it is absolutely necessary to edit the HTML code by adding the additional bracket <> pairs manually, since the SBC-specific notation with <<> and <>> is not generated by these programs directly!

It is recommended to use only simple HTML tags within E-Mails, since many E-Mail clients only support a small subset of HTML formating codes. Also, it is always good practice to check HTML-formated E-Mails with a few different clients (e.g. Thunderbird, Outlook etc.) to ensure the proper displaying of the message before it is used for a real-world application!

More about HTML

General information about the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) can be found at Wikipedia in English ( and German ( German users should also have a look at the comprehensive SelfHTML website at



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