Why do I get "Fatal error 391: Protected library used: _SBC_JCI_N2BUS"?

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After the installation of the version 1.4.300 of the "JCI N2-Bus" FBox library, it is no longer possible to build the Saia PG5® project but the error message "Protected library used: _SBC_JCI_N2BUS" is shown.


After having installed the version 1.4.300 of the FBox Library for the JCI N2-Bus (and having done the steps explained in FAQ 100973), it is no longer possible building the PG5 project. At the end of the build process, the following message is shown:

Linking: _CPU1.obj + Source.obj + Untitled1.obj + Untitled2.obj + _TCPIPDBX.obj
Fatal Error 391: Protected library used: _SAIA_JCI_N2BUS

The reason is that this library requires a specific license (user.key file which is to be registered from menu "Help"-->"Register Software..."). The FBox library which has been available on the support site until June 2008 has by mistake not requested this license.

Please contact your local Saia-Burgess Controls AG Sales office for obtaining the license for the JCI N2-Bus.



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