How to reset a PCD3 system?

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In some cases it may be necessary resetting a PCD3 (e.g. because a password has ben set but forgotten).


A PCD3 system with recent firmware can be reset by pressing the Run/Halt button during power up of the PCD and then holding the button down for another 30 seconds. The LEDs will start blinking in another pattern when the memory will be reset.

  • Power off the PCD3
  • Push the "Run/Halt" button and keep it pushed
  • Power on the PCD3 (still pushing the button)
  • Keep the button pushed for around 20 to 30 seconds
  • After the blinking pattern has changed, release the button. the PCD is now reset with default configuration and without program. 


  • Please note that in some cases, the backed-up program from the onboard flash is restored right after resetting the PCD.
    In this case, the PCD3 can be reset by using a PCD7.R5xx or a PCD3.R5xx which contains a userprogram (backed-up from another PCD3 system, but with correct memory allocation).
  • The "clear memory" button from the PG5 menu "Online" does not work for SBC-NT systems (PCD3, PCD2.M480, PCD2.M5xx0).


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