Customize the LOGIN to access the Storage Card of the CE-Panel

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Everybody knows that the login to access the Storage card of the Windows CE Panel is "admin" for the user name and "admin" for the password. This login can be customized.


The best way to configure a Windows CE Web Panel with your personal PC is the Web Server interface which features several possibilities for configuring the system (Sysadmin, Webadmin and Remoteadmin). The following procedure uses these interface for modifying the users (for that it is no longer possible reading the FAQs for "hacking" your CE Panel):

  • In order to access the Sysadmin interface from a remote PC/Laptop, open your Internet Browser and type:
  • You'll be prompted for a login. The default user name for administring the panel is:
    User name: "admin"
    password:  "admin".
  • Once logged in, a web-interface will be displayed where you can add your new customized user. On the left side column you find "Add/Del Users". You can now add the new user by defining a user name ("new_user" i.e.) and password ("new_password" i.e).
  • The new user will be displayed below the standard "admin" user. To save this new user you must reset the CE-Panel by executing "Reset Base Station" in the "Device Management" feature. The CE-Panel will be restartet and you'll have to register the new user via the interface "SysAdmin".
    For this, you'll type following path in the command line of your Internet Explorer (use Internet Explorer 4.0+ to support frames displaying)
  • Choose "Internet Explorer 4.0+", click on "Registry Editor", extend the "HKEY LOCAL MACHINE" tab, extend "Comm" and click on "FTPD". Here you can register the new user. Therefore add the before defined user "new_user" in the "Modified Value:" entry field respecting following syntax: "admin;new_user". The semicolon's important. So you add the the "new_user" to "admin". If you completely want to remove the "admin" registry, just fill "new_user" in this field. Then click on "Modify" in the line where you find "REG_SZ" and "UserList". Now, the "new_user" is added to the registry and you can connect to the FTP Server of the CE-Panels Storage card with your FTP-Client using the new login.


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