"File not found! XYZ.HTM" in MicroBrowser-Panel

FAQ #100948

The message "File not found!" together with the name of the HTML file is shown when connecting to the PLC via Ether-S-Bus, Profi-S-Bus or Serial-S-Bus. When connecting via HTTP direct (Ethernet) everything works fine!


Your MB Panel cannot find the start page (or any page of the web project stored in the PCD). Instead, the message "File not found:" and the name of the htm page of the project (e.g. "start.html") are displayed. This FAQ does only apply if an S-Bus connection is used for connecting the PCD Web Server.

Possible reasons

  • Bad connection (wires crossed, IP addresses which are not on the same subnet etc.)
  • Communication parameter mismatch (e.g. baud rate is not the same on the configuration on the PCD and the MB Panel)
  • On the page "Configuration", the "Address of start page" is not set to ""
  • On the page "Configuration", the "Name of Start Page" is not defined correctly. Note that the name of the connection must precede the html page on the PCD. The "Name of start page" should look like "CONNECTION/START.HTM", whereby "CONNECTION" has to be exactly the "Name" given on the panel's "S-Bus Connection Settings" page. Please note, that "CONNECTION" is case-sensitive! Since all names on the "S-Bus Connection Settings" page are automatically converted to capital (upper case) letters, the whole "CONNECTION" name has to be in capital letters, too!


Let's say you have a PLC named "MACHINE_1" on the "S-Bus Connection" page and your HTML page's name is "start.htm", then

  • "Machine_1/start.htm" does NOT work
  • "machine_1/start.htm" does NOT work
  • "MACHINE_1/start.htm" does work OK
  • "MACHINE_1/START.HTM" does work OK 

The name of the HTML page itself is not case sensitive.

This FAQ replaces the FAQ 100841 which has been deleted.



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