PCD2.T814 doesn't work correctly due to incorrectly plugged cable

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In the time between October 2007 and May 2008, Saia-Burgess Controls AG has delivered few modems of the type PCD2.T814 which aren't functional due to an incorrectly plugged cable.


A internal modem (Type PCD2.T814) which has been delivered in the time period between October 2007 and May 2008 does not work at all.

Unfortunately few modems (3 cases known so far) have been delivered with an incorrectly plugged flat cable (see picture below). Due to this incorrectly mounted cable, the modem does not work at all (and the modem could also have been damaged; therefore it may be that the modem does not work even if the cable is plugged in again in the correct way).
Red indication: Incorrectly plugged cable
Green indication: Correctly plugged cable

In case you have received a modem where the cable is plugged incorrectly, please return this modem to your local Saia Burgess Sales Office with the remark "FB-CS-08-003".



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