How long is the expected backlight lifetime of a Saia PCD® Web-Panel CE (PCD7.D5xxx)?

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According to the "Electrical data" section within the manual 26-843 (E2), the "Service life (50% brightness)" of a CE S-Web Panel depends on the model as shown in the following table.

CE-Panel Type Screen Technology        Service life
 PCD7.D5064TX010          TFT (color) 30.000 hours (about 3.5 years)
 PCD7.D5100TX010 TFT (color) 50.000 hours (about 5.7 years)

The time indicated above means the operation time of the backlight until the brightness of the screen has decreased by about 50% (so the panel will not "die" but only the luminosity will have decreased). In order to increase this duration, the backlight can be switched off with the screen saver functionality of the panel.



PCD7 / D5xxx (Windows CE)

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