The error message: "Configuration too large appears" if a Saia PCD® Slave is added to a network

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If the master is a PCD2 with a PCD7.F750 the maximal configuration is 2942 Bytes I/O. When adding a SBC Slave to the network this limite is reduced to 2048.


A SBC Slave should be added to an existing configuration. The configuration already uses 2304 Bytes. When adding a Saia Burgess Slave the error "Configuration too large" appears. Otherwise the configuration is not really to large since the master is using a PCD7.F750 card. In this case the maximum I/O is limited to 2942.

When adding a SBC Slave to the network the maximum I/O is limited to 2048 due to a bug in the S-Net configurator.

This problem was corrected and will be implemented in the next version of PG5 1.4. If someone needs an urgend fix, contact the pcdsupport to get a corrected version.



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