Is there a replacement for the PCD7.D120?

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As replacement for the small display PCD7.D120 e.g. an analog signal display CXG291M4N could be used.


Due to a low demand, the delivery of PCD7.D120 displays will be discontinued in the year 2008 (last order: 31.09.2008). The repair service for the PCD7.D120 will be discontinued end of 2013.
In case an appilication requires a small numeric display, .e.g. a CXG291M4N could be applied.

Comparison between the PCD7.D120 and the CXG291M4N

  • The main difference between the PCD7.D120 and the CXG291M4N is that the CXG291M4N is connected to a PCD by an analogue output (and not by digital outputs as the D120).
    The input signal for the CXG291M4N can be configured to be 0/2..10 VDC or 0/4..20 mA.
  • There are no specific FBoxes necessary for controlling the CXG291M4N.
  • The mechanical dimensions of the two displays are identical.
  • The PCD7.D120 features 6 digits while the CXG291M4N features 5 digits.


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