How to use port 2 of a PCD3.M6xx7 as MPI port

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Since the default MPI port is used for CAN or Profibus protocol on the PCD3.M6xx7 port 2 can be configured as MPI port


Since there is no MPI port available on the PCD3.M6xx7 the CPU has to be programmed over USB or the PCD3.M6547 can as well be programmed over the profibus port. If an MPI terminal should be connected, port 2 can be activated as MPI port. It is also possible to perform programming in this case, however it is not recommended since the activation is not remanent after power-off.
The following CDB entry is necessary to activate MPI on port 2:

Note that the CDB is only parsed and applied in a STOP-RUN transition. FDL is deactivated as soon as no CDB entry is present to turn it on.


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