Incompatibility between version B2.34 and version $2.36 of the FB library for PCD2.H32x modules

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The call structure for the FB "Home" from the FB library for the PCD2.H32x modules has been modified between version B2.34 and version $2.36. As result, the programs that were written for (or with) the FB version B2.34 or older need to be adapted in order to run with the current FB version.


A project containing a call of the FB "Home" for the PCD2.H32x module which was written for a FB version older than B2.34 can not be built with a recent version of the FB. The error messages on build could e.g. be:

Linking: _H320_B.obj + H320.obj
Lib files: D2H320_B.obl
To: H320_B.pcd Operand errors:
Error 320: H320.gbd: Line 223: Invalid FB parameter: CFB H320.Home: Param 2. See module D2H320_B.src: Line 3570

Error 320: H320.gbd: Line 223: Invalid FB parameter: CFB H320.Home: Param 2. See module D2H320_B.src: Line 4207

Some of the parameters to be passed to the FB Home have been modified. While binary parameters have been expected to be "C Constants" in FB version B2.34 (and earlier versions), the same parameters are expected to be "K constanst" starting with version $2.36 and later versions. The version $2.36 has been distibuted starting in April 2002. 

In order to be able to build the project, please add the media code "K" to the parameters 2, 3, 6 and 7 of the call for the FB "Home" (see example below). 

CFB  H230.Home     ; Homing H320 module
     K 1           ; Par. 1: Axis Number  (k1->k14)
     K 0           ; Par. 2: Reference search direction(K 0=down;K 1=up)
     K           ; Par. 3: Reference leave direction(K 0=down;K 1=up)
     HomeVelMin_1  ; Par. 4: Velocity minimum : 2000
     HomeVelMax_1  ; Par. 5: Velocity maximum : 5000
     K 10          ; Par. 6: Homing timeout : seconds
     K 1           ; Par. 7: Encoder index pulse.(K 0=No;K 1=Yes)

Please note that the current version of the manual does not describe the content of this FAQ. The online help of the FB (distibuted with PG5) is correct since PG5 1.4.101.



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