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Is it possible to use the PGU port for programming and communication?


Generally the PGU port can be used for programming and communication (per example with a display). If the PGU cable is connected, the PCD is automatically switching to programming mode. Otherwise if the cable is disconnected, the communication does not start again. The PCD has to be switched off.

The PCD should switch back to the communication mode as soon as the PGU cable is unplugged. It should not be necessary to power off/on the PCD. This can be realized with a short program. The command SICL is checking if the DSR signal PIN 6 is high:
SICL   0                   ; Serial port number=0
         1                   ; DSR(data set ready) signal=1
In a graftec program per example the status of port 0 can be checked and as soon as the PG5 is offline the port can be reasigned.

Example project is attached to this FAQ



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