Incorrectly labelled connectors delivered with PCD3.C200 or PCD3.T760

FAQ #100839

In 2007 Saia-Burgess Controls AG has delivered some PCD3.C200 and PCD3.T760 which have been equipped with incorrectly labelled connectors.


Description of wrong labelling
The "+" and the "0" on the connector has been inversed, see picture below (the labelling of the C200 is correct):

What can I do if I have received such incorrectly labelled connectors?
If you have received such incorrectly labelled connectors, please return them and ask for replacement (article number: 440549520). The replacement is free of charge (please provide the information "free of charge on KTR 244421, according to F08-007".



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PCD3 / T760

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