How to configure the large keyboard to be always enabled?

FAQ #100837

On the Windows CE based Web Panels, there are two different keyboards (SIP) available. By default, the smaller version is used. It is possible switching the keyboard during runtime, but after the next boot of the panel, the small keypad is enabled again. In order to configure the large keyboard to be always enabled, a specific registry entry is to be modified.


After each reboot of the CE Panel, the small keyboard is displayed for entering values. It does not help to change the selection of the keyboard; After the next power up the small keyboard is shown again.

This configuration is written in the registry of the CE Panel. In order to modify this behaviour, the registry is to be modified.

In order to configure the large keyboard to be shown, You have to specify the "DefaultIM". This can be done by executing the following steps:

  • Connect to the web panel using the SysAdmin web interface (for details see FAQ 100838)
  • Within the SysAdmin page, open the "Registry Editor"
  • Locate the registry key:
  • Change the DefaultIM value of the registry key to:
  • Perform a Reboot (--> Saia PCD® Web Panel Manager)

You can also switch back to the small keyboard by setting DefaultIM to "{42429667-AE04-11D0-A4F8-00AA00A749B9}".



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