Why are my alarms not shown in the Microbrowser CE?

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If the alarm text is too long, the active alarms are not displayed at all (only in Microbrowser CE versino and older).



Active alarms are not displayed by the Microbrowser running on a Windows CE panel (PCD7.D5xxx). The "Microbrowser CE" version used is or older. Additionally, the alarm texts are rather long and maybe unicode characters are used.

The maximal length of an alarm line in the Microbrowser CE is 128 bytes (including invisible characters). In case unicode characters are used, it is possible that the visible text can only be 43 characters.
(Note that unicode characters with code > 0x7f do require 2 or 3 bytes per character to be mapped).
Until and including version, the Microbrowser CE doesn't show texts that exceed 128 bytes lenght. Later versions do/will show only the characters that are present in these 128 bytes.

Shorten the alarm texts for that they fit in 128 bytes.



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