Changing language in Fupla FBox Selector provokes an error

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After changing the language in the FBox Selector of Fupla, the message "Error 160: Replaced macro _ENERGH104S is part of family definition" appears.


After having changed the language of the FBoxes in the FBox Selector of PG5 1.4.200 Fupla, the following message appears: "Error 160: Replaced macro _ENERGH104S is part of a family definition.

This problem is related to the language versions in which the library SFupBase has been distributed (not all files have correctly been updated).

Install the latest SFubBase library (SFupBase25143.exe) which contains all the languages (it size is bigger than 1 MB, not like for example $25141). This library can be found in the PG5 section under "Patches for PG5 1.4.200"


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