How can I (re-)address symbols with static addresses?

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There is a hidden feature of the Symbol Editor (SSE) that allows statically addressing a bunch of symbols (by incrementing the address of a base symbol). This feature can be very handy in case the addresses of several symbols need to be distributed or re-distributed.


There are several symbols in the symbol editor which do have addresses which need to be re-defined. A reason therefore could be that these symbols need to be read by e.g. a SCADA system or just for a better organisation of the symbols.


  • Provide a basis address for the addresses you want to distribute.
  • Save the file (you don't have to close the file, just press "CTRL+S")
  • Select the symbols you would like to re-address
  • Push the key combination "ALT+CTRL+F9": First push the Alt-key, then push the Ctrl-key while still holding the Alt-key pressed, and then push the F9-key (while both other keys are still pressed)


  • This feature does only apply to symbols of the same media type as the first selected symbol does have.
  • In PG5 2.0 it is possible to address several symbols in a sequence by "dragging" the address field (like in Excel)
  • For PG5 1.4: On some PC's it is necessary to push additionaly the Shift Key: Alt+shift+Ctrl+F9. If the procedure described above dosn't work on your system. It might be necessary to push shift as well.


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