Special links, actions and jumps associated to WebEditor Buttons

FAQ #100791

There are some nice features that can be executed when actioning the WebEditor Buttons


URL jump to another PCD and open this page in a new Browser tab by using the "_new" argument. Condition is, that
the start page of the WebEditor project in the other PCD is called "start.htm". So, the name of the start page can be neglected.

URL jump to a www-address and open this page in a new Browser tab by using the "_new" argument

Open a *.PDF-File from the local Flash-Card with a non-Micro-Broswer panel in a new tab of the browser

Open a *.PDF-File from the local storage card with a Micro-Browser software running on a CE Windows touch panel.
Starts the PDF-Viewer in a new Micro-Browser Process

Opens from the CE-Panel in the Micro-Browser the Internet Explorer in a new window and giving the URL to open
directly as an argument / parameter. Starts the Internet Explorer in a new Process

Check if the user browses with a Micro-Browser or with a non-Micro-Browser to implement respective actions in
the WebEditor project. Display / hide buttons, actions of the button, etc

Check the Container variable "@MB_OS_VERSION". It contains the value "0" if you browse with a non-Micro-Browser
or the respective version of the Micro-Browser



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