Is it possible to add a new curve of the online trending during runtime of the Web-Page

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Yes, it is possible to add a new curve in an existing trending diagram during runtime of the web page using a new field.


If you want to add a new curve on an online trending of the Web-Editor during runtime of the web page, you have to use the button "New" on the online trend macro.

If the symbolic name of the new data curve does exist in the *.tcr file (means that this symbolic name is used on the Web-Editor project) then it's possible to enter this sybolic name in to the field.
If the symbolic name does not exist in the *.tcr file then you have to enter the new curve paramter as PDP,,R100,d syntax (example for the register 100)

The other three fields can be used to define the min. and max value of the new curve as the color for the new curve.

If you want to know which symbolic name does exist in the *.tcr file you can upload the file directly on the web-browser by writing the *.tcr name on the address field of the web-browser.



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