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Two series of PCD7.R500 which where produced in 2007 do contain a wrong configuration information on the EEPROM of the PCD7.R500.

The series can be identified easily by the article name "PCD7.R5" (written on the white label on the module) and fabrication date 0727 or 0735.


Saia-Burgess Controls AG has delivered two series of PCD7.R500 modules which do contain wrong configuration information in the EEPROM of the PCD7.R500.This wrong configuration information can lead to malfunction of the file system access of the PCD3 and on the communication module of the PCD3.

Behaviour of the malfunction
If the PCD7.R500 module is placed together with a PCD7.R5xx, PCD3.R5xx, PCD3.F1xx or PCD3.F2xx module on the slots M1, M2 or the I/O card slots 0 to 3 of the PCD3, then the file system of the PCD3.R5xx or PCD7.R5xx is no more accessible from any external device (e.g. a Web-Panel) neither from the application program. Also the communication ports of the PCD3.F1xx or PCD3.F2xx on the I/O card slots 0 to 3 don’t work at all.

The program backup functionality of the bad PCD7.R500 does work correctly.

Remark about the malfunction: All PCD7.R5xx and PCD3.R5xx which are plugged on the right side of a bad PCD7.R500 are concerned by the malfunction. This means that if a bad PCD7.R500 is plugged in slot M1, then the file system on the PCD7.R5xx (plugged on the slot M2 or in I/O card slots 0 to 3) is not accessible. If the PCD7.R5xx is placed on the left side (slot M1) of a bad PCD7.R500 (slot M2), then the PCD7.R5xx on the Slot M1 does work properly.

Concerned PCD7.R500 modules

All PCD7.R500 modules with article name “PCD7.R5” (written on the white label on the PCD7.R500) and fabrication date 0727 or 0735 are concerned.

Bad module
Good module

Corrective measure
Saia-Burgess Controls AG has reprogrammed all PCD7.R500 on stock in Murten with a correct configuration. All correctly programmed modules do have the article name “PCD7.R500” on the white label of the PCD7.R500 mo
In case you have received a PCD7.R500 module affected the above desribed wrong configuration, please contact your local Saia-Burgess Controls AG representative.



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